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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tagalog Inspirational Quotes

          Problems in life and love are normal. We could not appreciate the joy if we have not experienced the pain. Problems serve as spices because it makes as appreciate our life and the good things in it. Once we overcome a problem or a painful situation, it gives us a feeling of triumph.

DON’T RUSH. In life, particulary in love, what comes easy tends to lasts shortly.  Instead of rushing and forcing things to happen, it will be all better to wait and take your time. What’s meant to happen will surely happen. It’s just a matter of patience and faith. In the end, it is still you who will endure either the suffering or the triumph. Learn to be patient to wait for the perfect timing. As the saying goes, “Good things take time”.

DON’T QUIT. Problems are normal in life. It may be love problem, financial problem, or a family problem, what matters most is we should not quit. When problems come, we feel troubled; sometimes we just sat in the corner, and cry our hearts out. We’ll just wipe our tears and we must bear in our minds that every problem has solutions, and quitting is not one of it. Crying is okay but quitting is not. Go on. Face every problem with a tough heart and positivism. 

DON’T UNDERESTIMATE. First thing to do in life is to trust God and ourselves. Underestimating your own self will be the most pitiful you could ever do to yourself.  You only have yourself to lean on when times get tough, so not believing your own abilities will not help you at all. You should stop saying that you can’t do it unless you try it. And if you try it, quitting would never be an option. 

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