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Thursday, March 15, 2018

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Good Morning Messages

                Good morning! So how was your day yesterday? Feeling accomplished? Feeling down? Whatever it is, what matters most is that we are given another chance to do what needs to be done, to say what needs to be said, and to correct every mistake. May you see every waking day as a blessing as it is one way of telling us that our mission here on earth is not yet done, and God has given us another chance.

WRITER. It's up to us to write our own story; it's up to us on what kind of story we are going to write in our book. We are the author of our every day life. Whatever victory and consequences we  have, it is all out of the decisions we have made in the past. That's why in life, we need to plan, we need to think, and think whether our choices will be all worth it. We must make it a habit that in every waking moment we have, we should pray and ask for God's guidance and wisdom to help us through the right path in life. Make sure to write your story that you would be proud of.

BRIGHT ONE. May our morning be as bright as our smiles. This means that whatever trials we are facing, we must welcome each day as bright as any normal day. Problems should never be a hindrance for us to start a wonderful day ahead. Every day is a new chance to make things right and be happier. Make sure you are welcoming your day today with a smile. Keep that positivism!

TODAY. Yesterday is  gone already, it is part of our history and can never be changed but can still be improved. Tomorrow is a mystery because we still never know what is in store for us. But today is a blessing and is certain. A blessing because we are given another chance to live again and certain because there is assurance that you have a chance to do what is needed to be done. Make today a ground for changing your life into a better one and a chance that you must grab to do things right and be happy. Cherish every day of our life because once a day passes, we can never return to it anymore. It will just be another experience or another lesson learned. So make today worth it!

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