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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tagalog Sayings

                       Some Tagalog sayings that we could relate to and apply to our day to day lives. We must always bear in mind that whatever trials and problems we may be facing, this will all just be temporary because God is with us. In God, there is assurance that all pain will turn to joy when you trust in Him. Stop worrying and cast all your cares to our Mighty and Amazing God.

UNANSWERED. You may have unanswered prayers but you also have received so my unexpected blessings that God has showered upon you. It is okay if there are things that you've been asking for and are not granted. God knows what is best for us and whatever he has given, it is all for our goodness and wellness. We just have to trust in Him because He is the all powerful God who knows everything.

TRUE SECRET. The true secret of success is hard work and never giving up. You must have perseverance and faith that you can achieve everything that you desire. As the saying goes "winners never quit and quitters never win", in order to succeed in life, you must not stop working hard: quitting should never be an option. With hard work and determination along with prayers, you will succeed in life.

GOD IS HERE. People come and go. They may be temporary but what is important is that God is always with us and will always be with us. God sends people that He may use for His works in you. These people may either serve as blessings and/or lessons and will stay with you throughout your life. God knows everything and you should trust His plans for you. People leaving and people staying in your life are part of His plan and you must bear in mind that it is all for your own good. When people leave you, it may cause pain but you just have to be strong because that just means that God is working on you. God is faithful, no matter how unfaithful are we to Him sometimes, his unconditional love never changes and one thing is for sure: God will never leave us.

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