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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Bae Quotes

BAE means Before Anyone Else. They are the person who remains special no matter what; who stays cute even when you're not; who shares every happy moments with you. They become your anything and your everything. They make the meaning of your life. Everything revolves around them - which is your world. Bae will always be bae even when you're not his/her bae any longer. Special people lasts in our hearts even after they leave. It's the memories we shared with them that makes them have a mark in us. It feels good to have that someone you can call  "Bae" and who calls you the same way. :-)

Bae is Everything. He/she can make you feel every single emotion there is known to man - and all in a single day. They are that amazing that they can bring everything out of us. They serve us our inspiration, our guide, and most times the love of our life. It's hard though to find someone with whom you can express your feelings freely and not be afraid to show it. And when you find someone who is a complete package, keep them. They may cause pain at times but the happy times are more than worth it. Just be happy that you have someone like them.

Zoo of You. I don't need anything else except for you. It might be  a cliche to say that you complete me, but what can I do? You really fill the space in my heart and soul. I don't feel alright when I'm not with you. It's like something is always missing and I feel almost empty and void of emotions if you're not there. You made me feel these emotions I never even thought I could feel. You're like something that wasn't expected but just made the whole wide world (my world) a whole lot better. Maybe you'll think I'm weird. That's okay with me though, since I'm only this "weird" when we're together. Just like in a song "I didn't know that I was starving 'til I tasted you. Don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo." ♫♪♪

Just Us. I'm not jealous. I'm not selfish. I won't stop you from having your own life but can you include me in it though? I want what we have now. I want it to last forever - just us two (if possible). I may look like I'm jealous but believe me when I say I'm not. You can do whatever you want, be with whoever you want. All I want is that I'm more special to you than them. That what you show to me you don't to them. I want the sweet moments to be just between us two. I'm not selfish with everything, I'm just selfish with you. ☻ I still want you to enjoy life but don't forget to enjoy it with me. Call me silly, call me crazy. You made me this way so take responsibility and stay. :-D

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