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Monday, April 9, 2018

Loyalty Quotes

Loyal people are hard to find. So if you ever find one, keep them. There are so many who will pretend that they will always stay with you but then when you come to your worst time they suddenly disappear. Some of call them fake while some call them plastic. They're just there when you're in good terms with the universe. They want to have the good moments only. They leave once you meet trouble and sometimes even back stabs you. Sometimes, it's better to have a few people who are true to you than to have a lot who will be gone in a blink of an eye. So, be wise in letting people into your lives. Choose wisely and if they're loyal to you? Kindly return the favor.

Black and White. There is no such thing as partially or half loyal. If so, then you aren't loyal to begin with. Loyalty doesn't go on and off. It's not something you take seriously now then don't give a damn later. It's a permanent thing. Well, it should be because once it's gone, it's gone forever. And when loyalty is gone, trust goes away too. So try to keep in mind that not everyone can be loyal. Don't expect too much and don't trust too much. There is a saying that goes something like "Don't tell your bestfriend everything because they might become your worst enemy one day." It's true though. People change hearts and change minds. But either way, try to be loyal as long and as much as you can. You just might find someone who can be loyal to you forever. ;-)

Stay with Me. Blood is thicker than water. True. But it's not our DNA that tells us that we should stand beside them through their worst days. It's our loyalty to our family that makes us do that. It's our choice that makes us stay and support them. You can leave and turn your back on them if you want. Your blood relation doesn't obligate you to anything. You can do as you please. Leave them be and enjoy life alone, or stay with them and suffer together. They say that dogs love us humans more than they love themselves. That is why dogs are loyal and are treated as family by most people. They stay even after you're gone. So let us be like them in that line of thought..Let's love our family and stay by their side in our lifetime.

Sunrise. You can't learn love in a day. You can't earn trust in one day.You can never even earn respect in a single day. These things just proves that in order for you to have something, you have to work hard for it. Pave the way to it. Make it a two-way lane since it should go back and forth. Everything should be like that. Work hard and always return the favor given. Love and be loved. Trust and be trusted. Respect and be respected. That, my friend, is the way for you to find loyal people. You teach them to believe in you. And once they do, don't ever break that belief. Loyalty can't be earned in a day but it can be gone in one day. So try harder everyday to keep it as it is.

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