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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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Pinoy Funny Quotes

Hi. Hello. How are you? :-D Feel happy and feel the good vibes this week will give you. Look forward to smiling days and laughing nights. Enjoy the sunlight and don't forget that life is fun. It's hard but it is fun. :-) Leave the problems of last week where it belong - past. Live the present like there's no tomorrow because that is how you can be sure that you'll be having more tomorrows. Here are some quotes that will surely tickle your bones. Try not to laugh or smile - if you can. :-D Thanks for visiting this site. Keep coming for more!

Preggy Eyes. Stressed for the past days? Go on and try catching some sleep before everyone notices that your eyebags are growing bigger and darker. Don't wait until you look like a panda or a raccoon. It's okay to sleep late sometimes if you have important things to do, but don't overdo it. Rest is important more than anything. You're brain may take the pressure but the body will feel the fatigue. So relax when you got time. We are not born to be ugly and stressed so stay pretty and gorgeous. Enjoy life as it comes. Don't stress over it too much. Since as they say, you will not get out of life alive anyway. :-D
Flirtatious Relationship. Yes, it's true. It's common now - the M.U. Before, it means mutual understanding which expounds to having the same feeling of love towards each other. Now it means that way as presented above. What on earth happened to puppy love? first love? and true love? Does it really have to come to this kind of M.U.? I still prefer the old ways when it comes to love. If you can't love him/her then don't make things more complicated by engaging into a relationship when you both know there won't be love between you two. Be honest with what you feel and show the people you care the most how you feel. Don't be scared. The right person will come, you just have to wait for him/her instead of settling with the wrong one. Choose wisely.

Say It Earlier. It's a joke but you should get the hint it's giving. Remember? Jokes are half meant. This quote tells us to not hold back our feelings until it's too late. We don't know when is the right time to everything. Only He knows that. So, when you get a chance - if you get one - grab it and take the risk. You wouldn't know unless you try. At least you tried. Life sometimes is just trial and error. You did something wrong? Try again. That's why there are second chances. But it's just sometimes. More often than not, if you did something wrong or you didn't do anything, that's it. No more chances whatsoever. So try to grab that chance while it's still in front of you. Tell them what they really mean to you. And if they return the feeling, don't ever let go. ♥♥♥

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