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Monday, February 26, 2018

Tagalog Emotional Quotes

           Not everyone is lucky to be happily in love. Not everyone is fortunate in their first relationship. Some just sucks in the world of love; pain over pain, heartbreak over heartbreak. However, everyone has a chance to start all over again after every painful experience, because everything has a reason. Let us not lose our hope in love. 

FOOLED. It is heartbreaking when you thought people truly love you yet it is the other way around. They may show how they care for you and make you feel important, but it does not mean that they love you. Some people are naturally sweet or worse they may have hidden motives why they act that way. It is better to make sure first how genuine their love is before falling deeply in love with that person.

NOT YOUR TOY. One of the most unfortunate experiences we could have in love is being played by our partner. The time when you thought that both of you are happily in love with each other, until you discovered that all along everything is just a game for him/her; playing with you and your feelings as if you are some piece of a toy. Whatever reason he/she may have for playing with you, people don’t have any right to fool and deceive others.

ONE DAY. One day, I will forget you. All the love I have for you, all the pain you caused me - all the good and bad memories, all of these will be just another mere memory. And that when time comes that fate will let us meet again, I can look straight into your eyes and smile like I am some brand new person without any trace of a past with you. One day, you will just be someone that I used to know.

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