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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Tagalog Love Quotes

What is love? Different views from different people make up on what really is love. These varied views are mostly based on their experiences. But what is inevitable is that love is the most beautiful thing one could ever experience.

RIGHT ONE. No one is perfect, but there is always that someone who is perfect for us; someone who will effortlessly fill whatever emptiness that we are feeling. But finding this right person is not as easy as we thought it would be. Some people come and will give us this feeling that will make us think that he may be the right one, but that’s not always the case. The right one will come into your life unexpectedly at the right moment. You just have to be patient for this perfect timing to come and until then, you can say that everything is worth the wait.

LOVE GAME. Love is a game. It can either be a good game or a bad game. Lucky for people involved in this game if they are both genuinely in love, yet such an unfortunate experience for someone who is played and fooled while being faithful and loyal. This is why others say that if you are going to engage in a relationship you must know how to play the game and know who you are really with. After all, being fooled and deceived is part of our journey in love yet we still could prevent such experience. It is still up to us on how well do we play this game called love.

PRIVACY. In a relationship, it is better to keep your business private, because not everyone should know every detail about your relationship. You should know your limits on what to share to everyone and what’s not. Keeping your relationship private helps you out from the stress of rumors and fake people. Because in this kind of world, many are jealous people and would do anything to ruin your happiness just because they don’t have what you have. Just keep your relationship private but not a secret. Make it known to the world how in love you are with each other but you got to set limitations. Less is more.

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