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Monday, March 5, 2018

Relationship Goals Quotes

                 Today, #RelationshipGoals is on trend. But it is not just some kind of a trend these days but somehow it became a standard for a relationship to be considered great and happy; like posting pictures of you and your partner while enjoying your travel or meal together, or a picture of the expensive gift/s that your partner gave to you on your birthday.  Is that really what defines a happy relationship? Below are some that are considered as #RelationshipGoals that are far better than those that are seen in social media.

BEST RELATIONSHIP. The best relationship is not measured by how long you have been together but it is by how strong you are to face every trial together. Problems and arguments are normal in a relationship, that’s why communication is essential. It is important to talk about the things that make us happy and things that cause us pain to create awareness, and to learn our lessons. Whatever trial tests the relationship, if love is really there, giving up is never an option. That’s why the best relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other; the best relationship is the one that lasts for a lifetime.

RESPECT AND COMMUNICATION. Two keys to a lasting relationship are respect and communication. It is important to respect your partner and his/her differences and preferences. If you have respect to your partner, understanding follows. It would be easy for you to understand your partner in any aspect if you respect him/her including his/her decisions. In order for respect to be clear, communication must be there; talking about everything in your relationship including the things that make you hurt, and listening to each other’s views and opinions. In this way, whatever trial you may face, it would be easy for you to resolve it if respect and communication are there.

EQUAL. A relationship with no gender roles is a goal. Treating each other equal; the “give and take” phenomenon is clearer. It is when both of you doing things together and may be separately but there is no underestimation of capabilities because you allow each other to do things you like. Freedom is there.

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