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Monday, March 5, 2018

Tagalog Quotes Love Sweet

                Love is the most wonderful thing that we could experience in our life. If there is love in us, positivity follows. It completes the emptiness in our hearts and life is not complete without love. It is the beginning of humanity and until our last breath, we must say that we have lived a good life if we have loved and been loved.

LOVE. Love is not well-defined by mere words but also by actions. Love is not a subject taught in school but it is learned by totally experiencing it. It is such a wonderful feeling when we are loved back by someone we love; making us feel like we are the luckiest person on earth. If you have someone now who made you understand what love really is and makes you feel what love should be, do not let her/him go.

WORTH. When we are into someone, we always make sure that he/she knows about our feelings. We exert effort in showing our love to him/her that sometimes we think it is not enough because it does not equate the love we have. As our love gets deeper, we wish for bigger things like giving the world to him/her to somehow justify our genuine and big love for our partner. Nevertheless, little things like time, loyalty and trust is considered as the best that you could give to him/her.

YOU. Yes you. You who makes me happy when the sky turns grey; you who loves me at my best and even loves me more at my worst; you who made everything easy because you are always there to encourage and lift me up. Thank you for coming into my life because you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

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